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Hello, It’s me and I was wondering if after all these years you want to keep reading me.
Hi! I´m back, hope you all liked 2015, It was an amazing year, but let’s start it of with a new Emilio’s Blog. So today’s topic is:
This topic was suggested (or stolen) by Fabio de Jesus Martinez Maciel. Also because they are right around the corner.
Tests are hated by kids all around the world, and also the perfect excuse for your parents to ground you.
I’m well aware that there is all kinds of test, but now we’re just going to talk about the ones you got in school.
Every time exams season pops-up, you always think “This time, I’ll make my mom proud, I’ll get straight A’s!”, but you were always won of the not-so-smart-kids, so your report card was this:
Math: D
English: C
Science: D
Foreign Language: F
Social Studies: A
Technology: D
Don’t try to deny it!
But there is always going to be that one person that once you ask them if they studied for that test they answer, “There was a test today?”. Or that one guy who is always so confident that he will get an A, turns out they later get a C+.
Well that's it for today I’ll see you later and:

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