jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

Vacations - E01S01 - EMILIO'S BLOG

Hello, welcome to the first episode of Emilio's Blog in english. I decided to do this because one it will be fun, and two I love speaking in english, sometimes theres days I don't really talk Spanish, al do most of the time I speak in Spanish. So without further a do, let's start todays topic is: VACATIONS.
I know it's something that most people love, because think about it you get to do anything you want, or so you think.

There are three types of vacations, the first and best is the traveling vacation, see you can show it of with your co workers, family and friends. The problem here is that most people when they get there they think about eating something local, but there is people who will go to McDonalds. Even do there is the fact of getting there, the problem is when they are going to be THE ENTIER TRIP asking to go to the bathroom.

The second type of vacation is the "staycation", it's the vacation were you stay at your house and watch Netflix and eat Chipotle all day, the problem is that when school starts again, the teacher will ask you what did you do, you will make a lie because your friends did went on the first and best types of vacation, true story.

The third and last is the worst Summer School and Camp, Summer School basically because you are going to fail the hole school year if you don't do well and then it kind of doesn't turn in to a vacation, and finally Camp, Camp is boring, just think about having to spend thousands of hours with four other guys who snore ALL SUMMER LONG.

Well guys thats it for today an I'll see you all in the next one.

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